Pui Tak Center – Bulley and Andrews

Nestled in Chicago’s Chinatown the Pui Tak Center, originally called the On Leong Merchants Association Building was constructed from 1926-1928 for the On Leong Merchants Association. Designed by Christian S. Michaelsen and Sigurd A. Rognstad, it is an example of Orientalism, a Western interpretation of Eastern architectural forms. Since being designated as a Chicago Landmark in 1993, it has been described as Chicago’s “most significant symbol of the cultural heritage of the Chinese.”

It has been through many restorations, most of which have been focused on repairing the damaged terra cotta elements on the façade. AAM was called in to assist with the restoration of the front entrance ornate cast iron canopy, which includes removing, repairing, painting, structurally stabilizing and re-installing the large architectural element.

cast iron canopy restoration



Chicago, IL