Bronze Resumé

Cadillac Book Tower, Detroit, MI
Architect: Kraemer Design Group
GC:  Brinker/Christman
Project:  Phase 2, bronze restoration of elevator doors; combination metal (stainless steel and bronze) restoration of elevator doors; custom bronze grilles re-created from photos, patinated, and installed; monumental atrium skylight restored; cast iron staircase restored.

Cadillac Book Tower, Detroit, MI
GC:  Universal Glass and Christman/Brinker Joint Venture
Project:  Phase 1, new decorative cast iron and aluminum façade ornamental storefront work. Re-creating bronze grilles for main entrance. Restoration of bronze, metal refinishing, and custom new ornamental cast aluminum decorative grilles throughout the atrium.

The Equitable Building, 120 Broadway, New York, NY
GC:  JRM Construction Management
Project:  Re-creation of original cast bronze entrances of the building on Broadway, Pine Street, Cedar Street including operable façade windows and entrance clerestory windows with cast bronze grills

Our Lady of Carmel Church, Astoria, NY
GC:  John Tiedemann
Project:  Custom bronze alter rails

Corcoran Art Museum, Washington, D.C.
GC:  Whiting Turner
Project:  Restoration of monumental bronze entrance doors

520 Park Avenue, New York, NY
GC:  American Industries Inc.
Project:  Custom bronze bath vanities, stainless steel pool lettering, bronze salon architectural elements in main entrance

Cartier, 5th Avenue, New York, NY
GC:  Dickerson Cameron
Project:  Creation of bronze storefront

The Dakota Apartments, New York, NY
Project:  Re-creation of ornate bronze grills original to the property

Mystic River Bridge, Mystic River, CT
GC:  Ciambro
Project:  Custom cast bronze plaque for the bridge

Affinia 50 Hotel, 5th Avenue, New York, NY
GC:  Deniham Hospitality Group
Project:  Restoration of 10 exterior cast bronze wall lanterns

New York Public Library, New York, NY
GC:  Nicholson & Galloway Company
Project:  Custom bronze handrails

“River that Flows Two Ways”, New York, NY
GC:  The Battery Conservancy
Project:  Restoration of decorative cast iron and bronze art panels along the water at Battery Park

Supreme Court, Chicago, IL
GC:  Korte Luitjohan
Project:  Rehabilitation of ornamental interior grills and re-creation of ornate bronze grills

General Services Administration, Washington, D. C.
Project:  Custom bronze entrance canopy

The Cay Building, Savannah, GA
GC:  New Sough Construction
Project:  Custom bronze entrances and grilles

Cipriani, New York, NY
GC:  James E. Fitzgerald Inc.
Project:  Replication of historic bronze teller cages and custom bronze sound booth

Platt Street Bridge, Tampa, FL
GC:  K & M Electric
Project:  Historic re-creation of bronze lighting
Earnest Wiemann Top Job Awards

D.C. War Memorial, Washington, D.C.
GC:  Lorton Stone LLC
Project:  Large bronze memorial plaquer at Battery Park

Columbia University Campus, New York, NY
Project:  Replication of cast bronze eagle finials for historic lamppost

Osborne Building, Brooklyn, NY
GC:  United Elevator Cab
Project:  Replication of ornamental cast bronze art plaques

The Dakota Apartments, New York, NY
Project:  Replication of cast bronze hardware

1724 F Street Canopy, Washington, D. C.
Architect:  OLBN Architectural Services
Project:  Custom bronze entrance canopy with glass roof and perimeter lighting

Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland, OH
GC:  R. W. Clark Company
Project:  Custom replication and fabrication of bronze window grills

West Virginia State Capitol, Charleston, WV
GC:  Allegheny Restoration & Builders Inc.
Project:  Bronze window hardware restoration

University of Alabama Birmingham, Birmingham, AL
GC:  Jim Cooper Construction
Architect:  Williams Blackstone Architects
Project:  Custom bronze logo large wall plaque

Disney’s Little Mermaid Theatre, Disneyland, Anaheim, CA
GC:  Bapko Metal Inc.
Project:  Custom cast bronze sea shells and sea urchins

World War 1 War Memorial, Washington, D.C.
GC:  Lorton Stone LLC
Project:  Custom cast bronze insignia medallion and floor hatch assembly park

Platt Street Bridge Rehabilitation, Tampa, FL
GC:  K & M Electric
Project:  Re-creation of historic bronze lighting

New York Public Library, New York, NY
GC:  Nicholson & Galloway
Architect:  WJE Engineers & Architects P.C.
Project:  Replicate 6 bronze railings, 25 bronze window grilles, and 6 steel window grilles of varying sizes

Laie Hawaii Temple, Laie, HI
GC:  Jacobsen Construction Co. Inc.
Architect:  FFKR Architects
Project:  Historic re-creation of baptismal font, custom bronze and glass rails and stair assembly
Copper Development Association North American Copper in Architecture Award
Earnest Wiemann Top Job Awards

Bethesda Naval Medical Center, Baltimore, MD
GC:  Conservation Solutions Inc.
Engineer:  EMCOR Government Services
Project:  Restoration of bronze entry doors and door assemblies including hardware and glazing

State Capitol of Colorado, Denver, CO
GC:  Zimkor LLC
Architect:  Fentress Architects
Project:  Re-creation and replication of cast bronze stair system for interior stairs
Earnest Wiemann Top Job Awards

Manhattan Bridge, City of New York CDT Bureau of Bridges, New York, NY
GC:  Koch Skanska
Architect:  New York City Department of Transportation
Project:  Rehabilitation of main bridge, Borough of Manhattan and Brooklyn and re-creation of pedestrian canopies and bronze plaques
Earnest Wiemann Top Job Awards

Williamsburg Bridge, City of New York CDT Bureau of Bridges, New York, NY
GC:  Koch Skanska
Architect:  New York City Department of Transportation
Project:  Rehabilitation of lower roadway Borough of Manhattan, re-creation of monumental fabricated torcheres and bronze ornaments

The Dakota, 72nd Street and Central Park West, New York, NY
SC:  Fine Architectural Metalsmiths
Project:  Patterns and casting in bronze of interior renovations including fireplace surrounds

State of Alabama Department of Archives & History, Montgomery, AL
GC:  State of Alabama Department of Archives & History
Architect:  PH & J Architects
Project:  Historical re-creation of bronze entry railings to match existing

New York Stock Exchange, New York, NY
GC:  Bovis Lend Lease
Architect:  Rogers Marvel Architects
Project:  6,700 Ib. bronze custom art formed security barriers designed to control vehicular traffic along Wall Street

University of Alaska Southeast, Juneau, AK
GC:  Dawson Construction
Project:  6 foot diameter cast silicon bronze Army National Guard “Minuteman”

Union Station Hotel, Nashville, TN
GC:  Winter Construction
Project:  This historic restoration involved over 1000 new and restored castings with 500 linear feel of vintage railing crowned with bronze molding

United States Capitol, Washington, D.C.
GC:  Pagliaro Brothers Stone Co.
Architect:  Architect of the Capitol
Project:  Solid bronze exterior custom railings for the north and south entrances of the Capitol

United States World War II Memorial, Washington, D.C.
GC:  Tompkins, Grunley, Walsh
Architect:  Leo A. Daly Company
Project:  Bronze handrails, castings, gates, doors and ornamental decorative metals incorporated into the memorial

Supreme Court of Ohio, Columbus, OH
GC:  Defabco Inc.
Architect:  Schooley Caldwell Associates
Project:  Bronze, nickel silver and decorative cast metals featured in the interiors of this historic building

Millennium Park, Chicago, IL
GC:  Walsh Construction
Architect:  OWP & P Architects
Project:  Creation of bronze fountain ornament modeled from an original Wrigley Building finial, the creation of wall sconce lamps, bronze hand railings, custom stainless light boxes, bronze doors and a bronze commemorative plaque

Graham Avenue, Brooklyn, NY
GC:  CEMA Construction
Project:  Replication of 30 bronze door panels

Robinson Town Center Mall, Pittsburgh, PA
GC:  Sauer Incorporated
Project:  Custom cast bronze fountain basin

McComb’s Dam Bridge-Hooper Fountain, New York, NY
GC:  Schiavone Construction
Architect:  MTA/NYCDOT
Project:  Custom 10 foot cast bronze globe with lighting and operable spire assembly

City Hall Park, New York, NY
GC:  Barney Skanska
Architect:  Department of Parks
Project:  Recreation of historic cast bronze and gold gild gaslight candelabra, bronze fountain spire and 14 miles of historic perimeter fencing including 16 sets of drive gates
Earnest Wiemann Top Job Awards

President George Bush’s Private Cemetery, TX
GC:  Berger Iron Works Inc.
Project:  Custom bronze post with world globe finials and custom benches

LaSalle Plaza Cattails, Chicago, IL
GC:  Meccor Industries Inc.
Architect:  Chicago Department of Transportation
Project:  Custom creation of 16 bronze cattails assemblies marking the entrance to LaSalle Street