High Bridge

Historic High Bridge project was a full restoration of existing historic railing, which involved many repairs to the existing rail material. Replicating cast iron components from original material to complete the fence restoration. AAM facilitated the entire removal and installation process. A new secondary safety fence was fabricated in wire and steel and installed by AAM.

The project was completed using the requirements from the New York Landmarks commission and demonstrates qualitative standards A. 1-3.

List of Materials:
– Raw materials (steel, stainless steel, and cast iron)
– Replication of original cast iron parts
– Production of missing cast iron posts and cap-rails

– Capturing molds from original material, pattern design, pattern creation, casting production from foundry
– Steel fabrication:  welding, machining, and design of the original fence material per re-installation
– Painting:  priming, finishing, sealing, intermediate process, and finish coat for final product
– Planning and tagging per original façade layout

high bridge
high bridge

A view of HIgh Bridge from a 1907 post card.

high bridge