Detroit Resumé

Cadillac Book Tower, Detroit, MI
Architect:  Kraemer Design Group
GC:  Brinker/Christman
Project:  Phase 2, bronze restoration of elevator doors; combination metal (stainless steel and bronze) restoration of elevator doors; custom bronze grilles re-created from photos, patinated, and installed; monumental atrium skylight restored; cast iron staircase restored.

Detroit Free Press Building, Detroit, MI
G.C.:  Turner Construction
Project:  Exterior Restoration

Albert Kahn Building, Detroit, MI
GC:  Cunningham Limp
Project:  Building envelope restoration, historic window restoration and glazing

Cadillac Booktower, Detroit, MI
GC:  Universal Glass and Christman/Brinker Joint Venture
Project:  Phase 1, new decorative cast iron and aluminum façade ornamental storefront work. Re-creating bronze grilles for main entrance. Restoration of bronze, metal refinishing, and custom new ornamental cast aluminum decorative grilles throughout the atrium.

Michigan Central Station, Detroit, MI
GC:  Ideal Contracting and Christman/Brinker Joint Venture
Project:  Extra large window restoration and replacement