74 Grand Street

Originally built in 1885, as a store and loft building in the neoclassical revival style. In 2004, after the owner of the lot next door started excavating and a large amount of rain-fall, 74 Grand shifted close to 30 inches and was unsafe to inhabit. It was scheduled for demolition after the historic cast iron façade was cataloged, removed and stored for future reinstallation.

An Allen Architectural Metals team went to the storage yard in Atlantic City, New Jersey, and photographed, cataloged and transported all 32 tons of the original cast iron facade to our Alabama facility. All components were cleaned and blasted. We created custom historic replica cast iron pattern work and castings. We also worked with our partner sheet metal fabricator to install a new 24 gauge galvanized sheet metal cornice to match the sister building at 31 Greene Street. Allen also re-created stamping tools to fabricate the rosettes located between brackets and assembled parts in the shop to ensure a good fit. Allen was also responsible for all on site and off site finish painting for the cast iron facade and its complete re-installation.

As the previous building was demolished, Allen was tasked with coordinating and engineering connections between the historic façade and the new contemporary building structure. Complex analysis was required due to the significant dead load, size and geometry of the façade castings. Casting to casting and casting to structure connections in addition to substructure were designed and detailed by our team. Upon completion, Allen provided the Engineer of Record load reactions where our façade met the structure for analysis regarding effect to the building structure.

Awarded the Lucy G. Moses Award

Read more about the restoration and preservation of 74 Grand in The New York Times.

old image of 74 Grand Street
Rendering of 74 Grand Street
Architectural drawings of 74 Grand Street
Architectural rossette from 74 Grand Street
Architectural rossette from 74 Grand Street
Rusted detail from building
Restored cast iron facade of 74 Grand Street



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